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Intellectual Property

Head of Intellectual Property and IT Law: Peter Groves

Intellectual property in all its forms is crucially important to businesses in the modern world. In every sector, trade marks, patents, copyright, designs and trade secrets – the main areas of intellectual property law – are valuable assets and significant risk areas.

IP is particularly important to businesses involved, whether as producers or consumers, in the information society.  Information technology requires a wide range of contracts, mostly concerned with the exploitation in one way or another of intellectual property rights.

We handle all manner of IP work except patent applications. We can assist you with getting protection many elements of your business’s brand, including registering trade marks and designs. We can help you identify assets that might be protected by copyright, and advise you on how best to protect them. If you have an invention to protect, we can advise you on how to go about it and help you to find a suitably-qualified patent attorney to handle the application from among our wide range of contacts.

When it comes to making your intellectual property assets work for you, we will prepare licence and distribution agreements for you. We can help you to identify the best way to exploit your assets, and in particular we can advise you on software licensing strategies. If someone infringes your rights we have plenty of experience of handling infringement actions. If you want to sell your IP assets, or the whole business, we can handle that for you too.

Businesses also rely on being able to use other people’s intellectual property – whether it is a piece of software that makes processes run smoothly, another person’s patented invention, or a franchisor’s trade mark. We will review licences you are asked to enter into, advise you on whether they are suitable for your purposes, and negotiate with the intellectual property owner to improve them for you.

It’s essential to your business to have and use intellectual property assets, but like any assets they represent major investments. We have the experience and expertise to ensure that your investment is made in the most effective way and protected with all the care it needs. 


Peter is an internationally regarded expert on Intellectual Property, which he has practised since 1980, and has written a number of books on the subject.  He has been delaing with IT contracts since this first emerged as a distinct area of legal practice, in the late 1980s, and has developed considerable expertise in dealing with data protection and other IT laws and in all legal aspects of e-commerce, including website terms and conditions.

He frequently presents training courses, too, both for lawyers and for others whose work demands some knowledge of the subject, principally through
Quorum Training
and Central Law Training.  He also writes for the legal, trade and national press and maintains the IPso-jure blog - check it out for recent developments in this area of law.

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